CSL  After being into hardcore & hard dance for more than 20 years, and a break from  DJing for a few years CSL is now ready to do it all again..

He first started DJing back in the mid 90’s and the now “Old Skool” happy hardcore days, left the scene all together at the turn of the millennium, as the scene was dying, went to house music & trance for a while before returning after a visit to Uproar in 2004, with a renewed passion, he started to practice DJing again, still on vinyl.

He started producing in 2006, with tunes to take you back to the old skool days fused with nu skool flavors.He started to build up knowledge, and with a thirst for more decided to go back to college to take what was a hobby to a more professional level.

He left the DJing for a while whilst he concentrated on production, but has recently been bitten by the bug again and is now concentrating on making the move to the digital era, DJing with Traktor and performing live sets utilizing Ableton Live and controller hardware

CSL plays Hardcore & Trance

For more info & bookings contact –  bookings@frenzy-records.com

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